A glistening winter wedding for many good causes

a wedding with a causeMany go for the summer here in the UK when settling upon a date for that special occasion of unity. There are of course many benefits in choosing a warmer season, but that is not to say that there are no benefits with picking the cold season. For a great winter wedding of course you need to keep a few extra things in mind, but if you manage, it can be just as magical as you’ve always wished for it to be.
The solemn winter landscape to provide a background of unparalleled beauty with bare trees and a line of sight that stretches far and wide. That’s not even mentioning the larger choice you will have as availability is generally higher during the cold months. Making sure your guests are comfortable and not cold is of high importance, as you don’t want your wedding to be recalled as a struggle and a suffering for them. But many venues can help you with outdoor gas heaters where people can get cosy on a lovely winter’s evening. The greatest cause is of course the holy matrimony which will take place, however, as you know, the team here are strong advocates of also making your big day a charitable event. Removing the focus and lime light, just ever so slightly, towards something which is in need of aid.

It’s easy to forget how privileged we are to even be able to dream, as well as put into reality, about large weddings and big showcases of our happiness with people in human need. Hunger, conflict and other injustices exist throughout the world and by giving them some thought, and some effort we can all help each other and work for a better world.

Renewal of vows, in a beautiful and meaningful way

a wonderful renewal of wedding vowsWe have been fortunate enough to come into contact with some of the most inspiring and inspired brides who are currently seeking to tie the knot with their soulmate.

Inspiration can be hard to come by these days, especially in a culture so tied up in the individual and an image of success constructed from what many would call impossible dreams. But are they, impossible? One lovely couple, renewing their wedding vows, were aware of their good fortune, grateful for their opportunity, and devout believers of the modern term pay it forward. Made famous by the film with the same name.

Some of their friends had renewed their vows as an anniversary and celebration of their long and happy marriages, something which they felt was right for them to do also, but instead of saying thank you to friends and family, or spending time, money and resources on organising what they called an required outward display, they instead invited only a priest, children and very closest of friends to their ceremony. And donated a considerable amount of money to charity as opposed to spending it on things they did not require.

To keep reminding oneself of what is important is one of the most vital things you can do. It’s not that love so much fades over the years, but the practice of gratitude for it strengthens it. By reminding ourselves of it often. We secure a better and stronger love for the long run and the future. It’s inspirational to see that so many who seek long term security with each other find it. And they stick through it, though thick and thin.

be cared for.

Their need to access  a fortune was made a long time ago said the renewed bride, we have had our struggles but, we have our family, we see the world, and we only hope that our relatively small contribution will help someone who is in need, for that is no longer us. One of the most inspiring displays of humility that we have come across.

As any relationships, we may find the person who holds the key to our heart quickly. We may fall in love fast. But although access may be fast, keeping the door open. And keeping security in a good condition is a constant work. Every friendship you’ve ever had is a great example of this. It’s a less intense experience. But as you know. With time, wear and tear either makes or breaks it. Just like a lock and key need updating, reminding, to be given attention. So does any human relation need to be nurtured for long lasting security.

Waking up every morning, knowing that the ones who opened the door to your heart. Still has the key, and still has that skilled access. Is important to keep us young and live. Every lock needs a key, and every key and lock combination needs to

A modern approach to revered tradition

a beautiful traditionThere is nothing more holy than the sanctity of two people pledging their life to each other. Vows taken states that you are forever pledged to one another, or at least until death occurs, at which point you are free.

A strong commitment is needed in the world of today to beat the divorce odds, to marry out of faith and not out of financial practicality or a willingness to oblige the older generations traditions. What the team here at ABC suggests is a more modern approach, one in which your reasons for holy matrimony is open to interpretation, where the reason you get married is a bit more open, and the contract is no longer a one way street. You can always change your mind later once the novelty have worn off. What shouldn’t change however is the way that you get married. Giving is more important than receiving, and though giving each time you get married, and remarried, you will always keep on the good side of morality.

By selling your wedding garments after the procedure you will can collect a modest amount which you then can donate to charity in exchange for a moral free card. Karma points if you like, and by collecting and by being a good boy or girl, you might not be damned to eternal suffering in hell, but instead be in line for a fine reincarnation if that takes your fancy. There is today the choice of what you believe in, and if you are not sure, it’s best to keep safe and secure, by doing little good deeds here and there, enough to ensure that you are among the good people you can do what you would like with the rest.

Making the tradition of marriage something new and exciting

Throughout the world today there are traditions lingering from an old world, and no matter where you go you’ll find that although holy matrimony might take many forms and may be called by different name. The union of two souls is seen and treated similar across the globe. In old times it was common for marriages to be arranged by parents, and the main motive was status and wealth. And many marriages were arranged for children under two digit number age.

Today we are more lucky than that, we have more choice, and more often than not the reason to get hitched is due to that large force of love and passion. So how we see marriage, and how we see the ceremony has changed, as has the reasons for going through it. Even if there are many marriages today which are done in a similar sort of fashion, freedom of choice is relatively new. As is the ability to null the legal agreement with some additional paperwork later on should the couple change their mind.

We suggest that regardless of how your marriage works out, at least making the ceremony something in the name of the good of humankind is a great thing to do, and giving your big day a theme of giving and charity is a lovely thing which we respect highly to do. It’s hard to predict one’s own future, and it’s hard to make a commitment for life, it’s lucky that it’s just life in spoken word and on paper, which is not forever. What is forever, however, is the good that you put into the world, so sell your dress for charity, collect for charity during your celebration of love, and make sure that you spread the goodness and the love that you are feeling, in case it should turn to something different later on. Let us know if there are any questions, or if you need suggestions. We are full of them here, like the one below for a bit of fun for example.

The Dialectics of Marriage and Charity

A humble weddingWe know that these two worlds spawn different ideas in the mind, and they certainly don’t go well together, who ever heard of a charitable marriage? After all, it is tradition or complete self indulgence or an irrational fear of God that brings it about, and to think that such an act of pure self love would ever be charitable seems counter intuitive.

However, there is a famous argument or school of thought that states that all actions and motivations are self serving, an evolutionary perspective. And a suiting one in this situation. If you want to have a charitable ceremony, you should, not only will it buy you karma points, but it will allow you to show your friends and family what a wonderful selfless person you are, and at a low cost, you could do something like sell your wedding dress, or perhaps the shoes at least and donate the proceedings to a good cause, and if you have illness in the family, it is likely, after all most families and friends circle are large enough to statistically have an array to choose from, then you can even give your charity logical direction and verification of its legitimacy. You can indeed have a great wedding day and be charitable and respected at the same time, it’s all in how you play it, and what your own thoughts with regards to it is. In many cases, the parents pay for the wedding as well, and perhaps you can also blag the dress, and it’s all victories for you, and you deserve it, for being an upstanding example of what life today is and should be.

What’s the point of Marriage? A Nihilistic View on Marriage

In recent times the world seems to have taken a very nihilistic view, it seems everybody is out to get you whether on the internet or breaking into your house forcing you to need a Locksmith Bristol. So in this world of doom and gloom it’s becoming a more and more popular view that marriage is a waste of time and money with people failing to see the correlation between true love and marriage. This is typically a male view point and a nihilistic view at that. So what are they missing if anything?

This view only seems to recognize the purpose of marriage in a procreative sense and it’s only purpose is to sanction sex within religion, and with religion slowly dying out of the culture people don;’t need this sort of sanction to have sex and therefore marriage serves no purpose in modern times. However, we feel like marriage is much more than that and always has been! As we feel if marriage is justification for the preservation of the human race and also sexual contact then a partner becomes dehumanized and rather being a partner becomes more of an object or a tool, just like a drill is used for a screw, your partner, if we’re going by the meaning of marriage given by religion, is just the tool we use to create new life. We think it’s much deeper than procreation and justification of sex, we want to stay away from these out dated views as gay marriage is now a thing and puts a big hole in the theory. Love is the only required component of marriage for us and we think this is how everyone should look at it.


A modern world approach to holy matrimony

It's a great idea to take out a loan to pay for your spotlights perfection.jpgThe world holy is today used to widely and is not something which brings to mind of the masses the holy spirit. If you are religious you might understand us well when we say that often the words are void of intention. This is why the team now would like to give you advice on how you can best step into a more conscious and aware use of language. Ensuring that you show your good intentions though actions to others. Being a good or bad girl or boy will determine what will happen should there be an afterlife, despite it being without foundation there is a wide belief that we shall live forever, and if you are like the team here, you don’t want to spend that eternity in hell where they set fire to people, torture then, and apparently there’s no going back. So bad choices, even if they were with good intentions will be punished beyond comprehension for all eternity.

It speaks for itself, who would want that, certainly not us, and we assume not you either. So, be good, and be sure that when you enter into the sacred bonds of holy matrimony, to death the vow states, and although laws and religion is changing, it feels a bit counter-intuitive to promise for life and mean until divorce. So forget the part where you can change your mind, after you are married that is it, if you mess it up you will pay. There are discussions over how literally one should interpret the bible and its teachings, but it’s always best not to upset anyone and ensure that you read it a few times though to ensure you understand the lessons in there. Good luck with your wedding, make sure that you give to charity and make sure that you keep the holy spirit in the most holy way you can, or your faith is at risk of weaning.

The value of heritage and tradition

A beautiful day for charityIn today’s stressful world of constant running, it can be hard to find the time for tradition and for the great lessons that are passed down from the older generations. There will always be a gap between children and parents in understanding as the world today is evolving no slower than the world when they were growing up.

Continuous change is no doubt difficult to deal with at times, which is why we should listen to what our elders have to say in the matter, after all the have the experience. Of course it’s only natural that they also hold old beliefs which are not in line with the logic of today, where the average person is becoming both smarter though education and though evolution in having to deal with the mass information available from all directions today. To ensure that you don’t forget the humanity in yourself, make sure that when you do something traditional, like getting married, no matter what the reasons for getting married are, religious, ostentation, fairy tail love or other, keep people and today’s globalising world in mind. The best way that the team here sees that you can do that is to sell your wedding dress after the big day has passed. The proceedings, the gain from it, you should give to charity rather than keep a hold of yourself, if you can afford a marriage then you can afford to give that small sum away to charity, in a selfless act, we are sure they are few, some even argue that they don’t exist. There are books with titles like ‘the selfish gene’ and so on which tells us about how all we do is self serving, and if you are in life and death situation your compassion will no doubt be close to fully eliminated. It takes a great holy, or pious or deluded person to sacrifice themselves when they are faced with death directly.

Making your big day an event for a charitable cause

charity giving for a weddingWhy not ensure that your big day is something to remember by making it something of great significance. Not only to yourself, but to the greater good of something that you wish to support.

The key to keeping your heart, mind and body safe from harm is health. You keep health by nurturing both your body and your mind. One way you can do that. Is through giving. Without asking anything in return. Providing someone who needs it with a secure bed for the night. Heping get food and water to someone who is starving. Or helping put a bad guy behind bars, securely locked away due to being involved in domestic abuse. There are a million charitable causes which you can assist with. 

There are many good causes out there, and it’s likely that you know someone who might have been inflicted with a disease to which research funding and support is required. But if you are stuck for choice there is always the great organisations of the world which are in need of your support. Why not become a sponsor?

The key to feeling good is a doing good. That is something that we believe, and something that many lock experts agree on. We need to nurture good community relations, and helping each other. By making your wedding, your anniversary, or your other celebration of long lasting relationships full of love and security. Into a charitable event. You will nurture that part of you that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Which in turn will grant you a happiness not easily found anywhere else.

By acting in a good way. You keep yourself secure from bad karma and bad feelings of guilt. And in turn the universe will keep your chances of success, security and safety cranked up.


Making it so that your big day is not only for yourself, but also with the purpose for humanity in for example keeping a donation box rather than a wedding gift table for on the great humanitarian organisations out there is something which is worthy of respect, and something which might help remind you and your family and friends of values which are less centred in the individual person and more to humanity as a whole. There are many good choices out there, and if you are wanting to share your good fortune in life ensure that you do your research so that your efforts are spent in the best possible way.

If you need some suggestions on idea of either organisations which are good, or on how you can best organise such a selfless venture, please stay tuned here for more information. The team here aims to bring you good ideas, tips and tricks as well as inspiration for making a better world to you in the best way that we can. Of course we are also open to receive feedback so if you have suggestions or ideas on how we can improve our service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the dedicated team here.

Seeing from the outside

beautiful wedding dressFor the team here it remains an important point to ensure, that through our lives we see the good fortune that we are blessed with. It’s not all girls who get to dream about their wedding, yet alone actually have one. No matter what your reasons for getting married are, it is indeed a privilege, and during our, and good times it’s important to remember that there are those out there who are less fortunate.

There are many who suffer from the lack of the basic needs which we here in the west world take for granted. Of course we are not claiming that life is not without its challenges, however when thinking about and planning your dream day. There are few things greater than ensuring that we help each other. And if you, like many who have walked down that isle before you, are wanting to help someone in need, why not dedicate some of your fortune to a good cause.

Choosing to help a charity, either by auctioning off your wedding dress to let the proceedings to go humanitarian aid, or perhaps ask for donations towards a charity rather than wedding presents is something which is a wonderful thing to do, and in the current world it’s actions such as this which help us keep hope of global balance and keep close to our compassion and our humanity. If you need help in how to proceed please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with your questions.

Keeping others in mind

lending your helping handWe would like to dedicate a thought to all those who are filled with such decency as to keep people other than themselves in mind. Today we live in a harsh social climate where some go as far as to call it a dog eat dog world. In more ways than one is this true, and that some, even on their greatest day of happiness have it in their hearts to keep the benefit of someone else in mind then themselves is a wonder in itself. This is why the team here would like to send out our thanks for those brave souls out there fighting for compassion in the world.

If you would like to join the many good women and men who have supported a charity though collections at their wedding or through actions such as selling their wedding garments after the union has been made, giving the proceedings to charity, you have come to the right place. We hope to inspire you to join the many who have gone before you in performing such selfless deeds as giving their time and resources for the benefit of others. There are many ways in which you can help, and there are many who need your aid, perhaps you already have a specific charity in mind which you would like to dedicate your wedding to.

Or perhaps you are searching for inspiration also in that area. You can always call on the team here for advice if you have any particular questions in mind, but browsing and searching for ideas online is the best way which we can advise you to do if you are short from inspiration.

What to think about when it comes to your dress

ensure that you get the right sizeShould you be wanting to look absolutely radiant on the day of your holy union with your significant other, then here we would like to present you with some tips and advice which can help you in making your wedding dress choice. Should you also be interested in selling it and donating the profits for it to a charity of your choice, you will also be able to find information and tips on how you can go about this on our website.

There are a few common mistakes which are made by excited brides to be, one of which, that is most likely also the most frequent, is simply shopping too early and too much. Have you ever looked at something for long enough to feel that you get blind to the issue at hand? This is something that the team here has witnessed many times over, and there is such a thing as overdoing and obsessing too much about one point.

It’s natural that the point of fuss becomes the dress as such an important item for many, however if you are truly after making the best choice, taking it slow, and not over doing will be great advice to heed. Some girls set out to find the right dress with an illusion that they will just know when they try it on. And as you can imagine, this is not always the case, truth is most people don’t have that moment, and the finding of the right dress can prove a long and strenuous task.

The last thing we would like to bring up as a tip on the subject of dresses, is simply to trust the fitter and tailored, those who see from the outside and have experience in the field also generally have good intuition when it comes to these things, demanding the wrong size due to principal or some little personal knit pick may come with disastrous consequences.
So get up, get out there, and remember to enjoy looking for the perfect dress, the best of luck to you from the team here.

How you can help though your big day

the big wedding day not only for youA wonderful wedding is the dream of many young girls and women, and often that dream is nurtured by that tender and warm womanly heart that many carry. Something that also lead us, as women to also care for what happens to the people of the world we live in. Today there are many global crisis situations which can use a little help from anyone who can give it.

Something which we, and this website is dedicated to is to ensure that we do what we can to give, help and spread a good human nature. Dreaming about weddings is a natural thing, and what more beautiful thing is there to think about and imagine as to ensure that should your dream be coming true, ensure that some parts of it is dedicated to a greater cause, a greater good.

The world needs good forces, now more than ever, and with a small effort you can help make the world just that little better. By donating your wedding dress, selling it off after your big day for the profit of a charity, or providing your guests with the opportunity, not to give to you, but to give to your favourite charity is something which is worthy of respect. Selflessness is something which doesn’t come easy to people in this day and age, yet it’s one of the most important things to remember to ensure that the world doesn’t go to pot.

It’s easy to lock yourself in a bubble these days, and in the western world even more so. Turning a blind eye to all the suffering in the world is something much easier to do than to look at it head on and do something about it, this is why we here hold the women who give some of their dream day for the benefit of humanity. If you are interested in doing something like this yourself, please keep tuned for more information, and feel free to get in touch should there be anything that you think we could assist with.

The Brides Box

beautiful traditional hope boxOpening a locked box or a door from the outside when the key has been lost can prove problematic, especially if you are not expecting it. By always carrying what you need if there is an emergency you make sure that you are prepared. A locksmith expert may be a good number to save in good time, before all the difficult stress of planning the wedding begins. If you are ready to get your brides lock box opened. Or perhaps a new lock installation for it is due. Then make sure that you are always in touch with your trusted local. By calling the skilled crew at a caring for charity local service. You will bring us and yourself, as well as them much love for locks and happiness.

Some perhaps interesting pieces of information is what our team is trying to bring you, in hope that you, as a bride to be will find something useful and appreciated. Great congratulations to you is something which we assume are in order, as you have touched down here with us today. If you are looking for the meaning of the worlds a brides box, also known as a hope chest, a glory box among other names we are here to help. If the box is locked and needs opening remember to call to open the box opening service to unlock the box.

Lock boxes are traditional in the cases of weddings, but the present day boxes we have. Also sometimes referred to as safes. You can safeguard the most valuable items in your home or at your business. Even in today’s high security demanding world. Lock specialists and professionals can help you with both the demanding task of securing your bride’s box. As well as having a secure safe installed for your needs.

Special tools are needed for the installation of lock boxes containing the most precious of things. This is to ensure that burglars who enter cannot use standard tools to dismount the box, and lift the heavy safe out the door.

Brides boxes, locks on traditional furniture and more you can find assistance with locally though contacting your lock specialist now. Ask us about it today by getting in touch.

The box itself refers to a chest which would most commonly be a furniture chest of decent size, in which collected items for the bride to be was gathered. Often the collection was conducted by the bride itself long before she even knew it to be a certainty. Giving some clarity to why it would be called in times also a hope chest. As single women hoped, wished for and prepared for married life.
Of course today things are much different, and the tradition of this box is something which has slowly subsides due to being rendered required.

However there are still some who practice this tradition however the items have switched from bed linens and household items more into the region of valuable heirlooms and other special items. If you would like to know more feel free to search the many terms for the tradition, and if you are wondering how you can make your wedding in a great even of compassion and charity, please feel free to brows your way through our website.

The season for celebration

summer wedding memoriesAs the summer creeps over the continent, meeting our island, there are many marriage ceremonies and celebrations which will take place. And with some of the most beautiful settings in the world for ceremony, with only the weather to at times rudely barge into ruin the day, we can count ourselves lucky for the summer season. With fairly accurate predictability we can aim for the sunny days when planning our once in a lifetime experience.

A holy ceremony, a promise for life, and one of the best reasons to go grand, namely love, we should do our utmost to make this day as perfect as possible.

Location, timing, and all the rest which comes with the planning of a wedding means it’s currently busy and wonderfully interesting times for many. And if you, as many have done before you, wish to ensure that some of your extravaganza goes to a charitable cause, you can always sign up to sell your wedding dress after the grand day is over, or collect donations during your wedding in place of wedding gifts. This especially applicable if you already have everything you need.

Today there are many long lived relationships and partnerships which after many years of being together choose to get married. In these cases the stereotypical wedding gifts would just mean a doubling up of most things like coffee makers, kitchen appliances and so forth. Instead choosing to give to a much in need cause is a much more worthwhile effort. Rather than having a bread maker collect dust in the back of your cupboard, a family in a deprived place can have clean water, food and other necessities for life. If you are in the situation at we urge you to at least give it some thought.

The grandest congratulations from the ABC team

our best wishes and congratulations on your dayWelcome to our little corner on the web where we bring you some great ideas for your big day, the one that you may have been waiting for all your life, or the one that just snuck up on you without you realising and here you are. Ready to walk down the aisle. No matter how you ended up in the situation you are currently in, the fact remains, that you landed here and your big day is up and coming. So the ABC team would like to start with saying a great big tremendous congratulations to you, well done! By having plans in place you are most certainly much further down the line than many! Here the team understands just how sacred the union of two people can be, and it’s something that we, like you treasure dearly. It’s a day of tradition, family, friends and of course new beginnings.

This site is made for a charitable cause, and we would like to leave you with a lovely little thought before you read go on to plan further. Be it chance, or a decision that brought you here today, if you are in the position to plan a wedding, you are most fortunate, and never forgetting about how lucky we are, being appreciative of all the great things we have is a thought of highest importance.

If you go on to explore our webpage further you will soon be able to find out how you can help someone with your big day, as many gone before you have. By creating a charity event, by selling your dress for charity after it’s all over, or a whole array of other things you can do to share your fortune with someone who is in great need. And please do feel free to get in touch with the team here if you have any questions for us.

Dress well, in the name of charity

a dress and day to rememberIf you are searching for a morally sound reason to tie the knot with your partner, and find that the wedding ceremony can feel a bit old fashioned, in coherence with old religion and old ways of view, and that your only motivation for having a wedding is to show off to your friend and family that you have found love and happiness, something which of course is in great need to be shown off.

If you believe in this dream then you must live it to learn from it. A reason which the team here sees noble, and that we have met with many individuals who have it on board their ship of love, is the one of charity. If you hold your ceremony for a charitable purpose you are in the Gray zone of what is right and wrong, and splashing out on a multitude of things which you have no need for and to be applauded and awed by those around you is fully justified. All you need to do is dress well, sell your dress after the wedding, and donate the money that you get from this to charity.

If you follow these simple steps, you can be one of the many much loved, charitable and lovely people who are in love, and of the giving kind. All in all it’s wonderful package, and something that the team here recommended highly to anyone. Plus in this way, someone will actually get help as well, someone in need will also be able to take advantage of this ostentatious display of old fashioned and self indulgent norm. If you need more tips and tricks on how you can make your wedding a great thing, stick to checking our site every now and again.

Motivating you to make a difference

beautiful wedding cakeGetting married is a great step in any relationship, here we have met many newly wed couples who on their day of celebration also decided to do something great for humanity. A paying it forward of a kind, where during or after their ceremony had donations brought to great charitable causes as well as had dresses sold for the benefit of them. Actions like these the team here highly respects and look up to. And should you be interested in doing something similar there are a number of ways in which you can choose to engage.

As a bride to be one of the greatest things to consider for this is the opportunity for attention it brings. You will not only be the centre of the day, but have the power to bring into view something that you feel is important. Selling the dress afterwards is also something which many wonderful women go for, in which the profit goes to the charity of choice.

If you are struggling to find the motivation currently to proceed with such wonderful and charitable acts in conjunction with your wedding, then taking a moment to give thanks, and to understand how fortunate we are to even be able to have weddings, as there are many without that luxury.

Bringing you stories of the latest successful charity events of the sort, and if you have something that you would like to share with us please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are here to motivate, and we are here to help and your emails are always welcome.

Beautiful dresses and beautiful hearts

beautiful bride's dress with heartThe dedicated team here would like to say thank you to all the wonderful and warm hearted people we have come across though our work. Of course charitable actions is the reasons to why we run this site, but it could not be upheld without the great support of those with generous giving hearts.
There are no radical solutions which will automatically fix all the issues which we are faced with today, there is an abundance of human suffering and people to help, and at times it may seem as too much to even look at. This being one of the greatest reasons to why we respect, look up to and are in awe of those who are able to set themselves and what they want aside for a moment, giving thought, effort, resources and action to trying to make something better. Trying to help those who need it the most.

This of course doesn’t have to mean going off on spiritual journeys and giving up all your possessions, but can come in the human ways of compassion which fit in with the traditional ways of our culture and the modern ways of our living. Being beautiful on your big day is of great importance, not only from a place of vanity, but also from instilment of that good feeling of fulfilling a dream. If you are having plans to get a beautiful dress for your big day, perhaps you would also consider selling it for a charitable cause once your event is over. This way you will not only make another bride to be very happy, but be able to potentially change the existence of someone in need form suffering to finding meaning and purpose in life. If you need help with how you can go about setting your wedding dress sale up, or if you are stuck for choice on who to pick for your charity, please keep tuned in here for tips and tricks which can help you pick the right way, the right dress and the right charity for you.

For the Brides to be

We hope to give you some inspiration should you be someone who is soon to walk down that isle. And of course we hope that you will join the wonderful and amazing women who have also decided to make a charitable contribution around their own big day. In selling your wedding dress after you’ve been hitched for the benefit of a charity of choice is no doubt something amazing.