Pledge an Hour

wonderful couplesOur pledged honor to the great samaritan couples out there

Caring for our fellow human beings is a tradition we seem to grow further and further apart from, some would reason it is technology that has done it, or the nature of the industries and the world today. We spend too much time in front of screens nurturing unrealistic ideals perhaps, or we don’t get enough exercise due to our busy and high pressured work environments.

We want too much too fast. It doesn’t matter what your position in the question is, what does matter however is that you do your best to ensure that you live in the best way you can, for yourself, for your neighbour and for your children.

Today the ABC crew would like to send out our greatest appreciation together with a hearty thank you for all their good work. There are many couples out there who have done great work in and devoted great effort to get the voices of their charities heard by spreading the word from themselves.

Giving information and selflessly asking for donations in place of wedding gifts. If this is something that you would like to follow their path in, there are many great ways to go about it. Browsing our site you will no doubt find some great tips on how you can bring people together for a greater cause, and how you can bring some humanitarian ideals back to our busy and sometimes grey and loveless world.

Helping your cause of choice

weddings and dedication to charityThere are many charities out there working for great causes, and the best thing that you could do for one which lies close to your heart, is to ensure that they get some of that most important time of your life. That day when you walk down the isle and become a Mrs. Pledging your time to a charity who works continuously and tirelessly for a good cause is something which is not only a highly respectable thing to do, but also a very human thing to do.

When you have the full attention of your family, your friends, your new extended family, giving a little time to let them know about something which may make the greatest difference to someone else’s life is a most admirable thing.

If you on top of that would instead of wedding gifts for yourself and your spouse to be, choose to ask your guests for a donation to your charity, this will also in every way help a cause which extends much further than your day to day life. The fact remains that we are indeed lucky, and if one has the funds for a great large wedding, one certainly has enough.

There are a countless number of people in the world who are suffering, near and far, and its part of our responsibility as fellow humans that we work to bridge the gap between the rich and poor, to ensure that equal opportunities are presented for the new generations to come. If you have any questions, or if you are searching for a charity to which you can provide aid on this most important day of yours, feel free to get in touch, and visiting a charity listing directory may be a good place to start unless you already have a specific charity in mind.

Join a long row of respectable weddings

helping you help someone in need with your big dayIf you are in the midst of planning for your big day, it’s finally time to take that commitment and walk down the isle. Giving some of your time during this monumental day to be in your history in the name of a good cause is something that for the team here is worth respect and praise, and that not to mention the gratitude of those who are helped by your efforts and generosity. Making part of your grandest day, partially for someone else is something we applaud and take off our hat to. There are not many individuals in this day and age who are able to take a step back and see the bigger picture, especially on such a self-centred traditional event such as a wedding. Being able to make a stand, moving out of the box of traditional ways and ensuring that your beliefs and good will is spread further than the boundaries of your own life is a wonderful thing to do.
If you are stuck for inspiration please feel free to have a look around here, hopefully you will find some tips and tricks which may spark off some ideas of your own in carrying forward your account of selflessness and charitability.
It can be easy at times to get stuck in our own tracks and not see further than our own noses, but here the team has come into contact with and seen many great individuals who have done just that, who inspire us as well as their friends and family, to be better.

They key to any woman or man’s heart lies not with the financial security they provide, not fully in either case. However, not to forget in love, the security of your future is at stake. And although those fluttering eyes may make your heart soar. There are difficulties immediately should you involve and engage yourself financially. By locking in early on in life, say to the first love. There is bound to be trouble. But if you get through that trouble. The security, safety and home you’ll find will without a doubt be most comforting. Much more so than for a single lonely person who may find themselves locked out, or locked in a position of not being able to find love at all due the many bitter attempts they’ve been though.

Life, love and wed-locks bring many security concerns for the individual. When two people intertwine their fates heavily. They perhaps they even have children. Then they not only have their own security and safety to cater for. They also have the responsibility of those helpless little ones. If you have secured yourself into a home of conflict then these children will suffer no doubt. But that’s a risk you take, in life, in love. Locking in early is not without danger. But it can bring the most rewarding late life experiences you could imagine. As many struggle with loneliness and chose early life adventure to wither away alone towards the end. This is not uncommon. Nor is it uncommon that death burgles the life of one of the two. Tragedy does one out of two things. Breaks or makes.